It’s August already. In January you came into the gym and started your journey back to fitness and health. That seems like so long ago.

You did great. You came to your personal training sessions and learned all about the movements and how classes work. You came to 2-3 classes a week for a few months and really loved how much more energetic you started feeling every day.

Then school ended and the summer schedule kicked in. Work got busy. Family events and vacations started eating away at your scheduled fitness time.

Now it’s August, only a few weeks away from Labor Day and you haven’t worked out in a couple months.

You just know that coming back is not going to be fun. Starting over sucks.

There is no starting over.

The very process of going through the initial training and experiencing the effort and benefits of having a regular fitness routine change you physically and mentally. You can never go back to being the person you were before. You can never start over.

You did things that you had never done before. Now you know what you’re capable of, there is no excuse not to take action. You have past performance that you didn’t have the first time you started.

You CAN, start again.

Believe it or not, it can be easier starting again that getting started was the first time.

  1. You know what to expect. When you first started you had the hurdle of fear and uncertain anticipation to get over. That’s gone. You’ve been there, done that. All you have to do is move.
  2. You’ve experienced that process of making it fit where you are. There is no rush. All you have to go is show up, put some work into it, and good things will happen. You work at the level you can until that level increases, then you work at that level for a while.
  3. We got your back. Everyone is here for the same reason. We want to get fit, healthy, and live long happy lives. No one is focused on you being gone. Everyone is happy you’ve come back. The more people we can share success with the better it feels.
  4. You don’t have to learn everything all over again. Sure you’ll be rusty, but nothing will be completely new like it was the first time.
  5. A coach is still there to help. You’re never alone. There will always be someone there to provide motivation and support when you need it.

There is no starting over because once you make the first step, every step from there is forward