Everyone has a reason they “want” to workout, stay active, eat healthy, and be fit.

Not everyone has a burning desire to actually do the work, stay consistent, and take the necessary steps to make change happen.

The members and clients that come to Ellicott City Health and Fitness are just like you with a slight difference. They know why they come in everyday and work their butts off to get better at life.

Our members are mothers, fathers, grandparents, white collar, blue collar, you name it. We have members as young as 13 and as old as 64. How can these different people find a way to fit our program into their lives?

First, it’s only an hour a day. That’s it. There’s no time wasted, your coach keeps you moving through the programmed workout and then you’re done. Secondly, for many people it’s a break from the routine of their day and helps keep them mentally refreshed from the family and work stresses of the day. Third, it’s fun. Yup, you read that correctly. Working out with us is fun.

Here are three of the top reasons our members say they workout.

  1. To set an example for their kids. We have a lot of parents that bring their kids to class. Every time they come in for a workout their kids get to witness firsthand hard work, commitment, discipline, perseverance, and the joy of overcoming a challenge. The see their parents coming in consistently, and how that affects their lives outside of the gym, at home and with their kids.
  2. To feel better about themselves. Accomplishing something, overcoming a challenge, doing something you never thought you could do; these are what make the effort of working out so satisfying. Our members do things everyday that builds their confidence, self esteem, and how they see themselves. See the results on the scale, in how your clothes fit, how other people look at you, and what you see in the mirror; that’s why they work with us.
  3. To be able to do more. We can’t count how many times a member has said they have more energy, more fun, and do more things day to day, after they’ve been in the program for awhile. Everything we do in the gym is designed to help you increase your ability to participate in life more fully. That is the bottom line. If what you are doing in your workouts is not enabling you to do more outside of the gym, then you are wasting your time. Life is supposed to be enjoyed, everything we do should enable that enjoyment.

If you are looking for a reason to find a good program, or have questions on how we can help you reach whatever goal you have set for yourself. Come talk to us. Setup a No Sweat Intro and tell us what you need. We’ll help in whatever way we can. http://echealthandfitness.com/no-sweat-intro