Having been in the fitness business as long as we have, we’ve helped all sorts of people improve their health and fitness. One thing we’ve learned is that everyone has a different story and no one is at the same place in life or fitness level.

There is no one size fits all solution.

The key to improving your health is in building habits based on a framework that allows you the flexibility to do things that work for you.

Let’s look at 3 things you can focus on to keep you in the groove and making moves toward your health and fitness goals.

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you can work on something within these 3 things to improve your health.

Eat more good food

The statement “Eat more good food” has two meanings. The biggest changes we’ve seen in someone’s body composition (fat loss) usually comes from one of two things.

  1. Eat better quality foods. Cut out the crap. Learn what real food is and eat it. If it comes in a box or has ingredients on it with things you can’t pronounce, Don’t Eat It. Whole food, right from the source will drastically improve how your body functions. Drop the SUGAR it’s killing you.
  2. Eat more food, especially Protein and Fat. Many people under eat. Even worse many people under eat overall, but overeat carbs. This is how you can gain fat even though you cut calories. Excess carbs turn to sugar which turns into fat….. Think about that for a minute. (re-read #1)

We need protein to maintain our body, we need fat to regulate our brain health, hormones, and many other things in our bodies. We very rarely work with people who don’t need more protein or fats in their diet.

Move consistently

Movement in any capacity keeps the body young. It is very important to use your body in a way that forces it to adapt to stress and increases your ability to do work.

What that means to each person could be different. For one person going for a walk 3 x week may be what they can handle. Someone else may do a CrossFit class 5 x week.

The secret to improving your fitness is to add a level of stress and challenge that your body has to work hard to overcome. If it’s not a challenge to accomplish, then it’s a waste of time.

The key point is consistency. Movement and exercise only work if you do it over time. It will take more than 3 weeks, 3 months, and maybe more to make the changes you want to make. You didn’t get where you are overnight. You won’t reverse the process overnight either.

Ask for help

Unless you’ve been trained in exercise and nutrition, you probably won’t be able to come up with a plan on your own. The one thing you do NOT want to do is ask friends, Facebook or Google what to do. What works for your friends may not work for you. That “Lose 30 pounds in 30 days!” article you find on the Internet will only waste your time and get you more frustrated.

Search for a professional that knows how to figure out what will work best for you and your goals. Get a group class with good coaching. Find a Personal Trainer who will listen to your story. Start a program that has your success in focus.

Making progress

If you build your health improvement to do list off these three things, you’ll be more successful than ever in making progress towards your goals. You’ll have direction, a plan, and support to continue even when it’s hard.

Here is an article that will you if you want a guide to finding a fitness program that works for you. FINDING A PROGRAM FOR YOU