We see our members making progress in some aspect of their health or nutrition every day. We have a Personal Record board that is full every month. We’re starting a new progress board that will celebrate individual successes.

One thing we want to improve is giving people some more tangible, self-motivating goals. We are very goal oriented and being able to measure improvement is a big part of our program. What’s the point of working out if you can’t see how and where you’re making improvements?

Everyone needs goals. If we don’t identify something we want to accomplish then any effort you put in becomes tedious, unsatisfying and you eventually stop doing it. That’s not good for anyone.

We work with people from all walks of life and every level of fitness. Some of our members have never been in a gym before working with us. Every one of our members has a reason they work with us. In most cases t,he reason they are has nothing to do with what they do in the gym. It’s usually something related to their lifestyle, health, or family.

The goals we set in the gym are markers that indicate how someone’s ability to live life is improving. The more fit you are, the more active you can be and the more healthy you are. Have you ever seen this?

The closer you get to improving your fitness, the more health benefits you recieve.

With this in mind we are introducing the ECHF Functional Strength Baseline!

This new progressive test will help you in a few ways.

  1. It gives specific targets for you to shoot for. Many time we talk to people and they aren’t sure where they should focus their energy. You now have 6 things you can start knocking off a list.
  2. Passing each test in the Baseline means you have attained a level of strength in an area that significantly increase your markers for health and injury prevention.
  3. You will get recognized for your accomplishments. We love to celebrate success and each of the tests in the Baseline come with a eBadge that marks your successful completion of a step in the process. There is also an overall Functional Strength eBadge that signifies completion of all 6 tests! You can share the eBadges on your Facebook and Instagram to show the world your achievements.

How can you get credit for the tests?

Each of these tests is in SugarWOD, our app for tracking your performance. There are a couple different ways you can get these knocked out.

  1. When we do any of these movements in class, you can ask a coach to let you test out. (When these movements come up. Don’t ask the coach to do testing outside of the planned workout.)
  2. If you have a Skill Zone membership you can ask the coach to test you out during any Skill Zone session.
  3. We will have some test days added to the programming schedule every so often to give you an extra chance to test out.

There is a copy of the Functional Strength Baseline in the gym over the Coach’s shelf. There will also be a Success Wall in the gym, where everyone who gets all 6 badges will have their names displayed for all eternity.

We want you all to succeed and we hope this will help give you some specific goals to work for to help propel your fitness growth.

Your coaches and staff.