Want is the desire for a thing.

Need is the desire to work for a thing.

Until you need to make a change in your life, you won’t

You can say over and over that you want to lose weight. You can talk all day about how cool it would be if you could sleep better, not get tired walking up stairs, or how nice it would be to go for a hike without having to take a dozen breaks along the way.

Until you need to do those things, you won’t do anything about it.

It’s unfortunate that most people wait until an external force is applied before they feel the need to make a change. For many people, it’s a diagnosis of some chronic condition that threatens their life. Others develop the need for a change after seeing someone close to them have a heart attack or some other serious health event.

Too many people don’t see how the stress of day to day living, poor nutrition, bad posture, and inactivity are the reasons many of these events happen.

“It’s genetic”, “My whole family is overweight”, “I can’t eat anything without gaining weight”

This is the common refrain of those without the need for change. Those statements may all be true, but the story doesn’t have to end there. It is possible to improve your health, feel better, lose fat, get stronger, and live longer if you want to.

If that’s what you want to do, then you have to need it bad enough to put the work in. Ask someone for help, and follow a program.

It shocking to see someone who is in poor health, instead of choosing to work with us, choose a life spending thousands of dollars a year in medical bills, living on medications, and an ever decreasing quality of life…….just because they needed fast food,  sodas, and sitting on the couch more than making a change to get healthy.

It sounds crazy, but it happens every day.

Every day someone makes the decision to harm their body instead of healing their body. They decide to not take action, which is actually taking action to deliberately allow themselves to become sick and diseased.

We want you to feel good, live a long time, and enjoy every second of life that you can. That’s what our program is about. We want to enable each person we work with to become the best version of themselves.

As someone who previously never stuck with an exercise routine, it amazes me every day that I’ve been a member of Ellicott City Health and Fitness for one and a half years now – and still loving it!  The coaches are outstanding, pushing you to reach your goals, while always keeping in mind your personalized needs. ECHF has it all… In addition, an owner is a licensed nutritionist, providing support in a variety of ways to help you get your eating habits on track – providing multiple opportunities…, they have contributed to an improved quality of life for me.

The atmosphere at ECHF is one of the many things that will keep you coming back. Clients are supportive of each other, and they become friends quickly. I can honestly say, I would feel at a major loss without the “Happy Gym.” It is a place where I have found joy in newfound strength, fitness, nutrition, and friendship. If you want a place to fit in, no matter your current level of fitness, this is truly the place! – Lisa Y.

But you have to need that in your life in order to be successful.

What do you need in your life, sickness or health?

When you need to make a change and you want help figuring out how to do it, ask us. https://echealthandfitness.com/no-sweat-intro