What is Skill Zone?

Our specialty is helping people. One of the ways we do that is by providing guidance and direction to help you facilitate your own growth and development.

Your progress is faster, you make fewer mistakes and you keep your skills longer when you receive guidance and direction. Having a data loop where you can process the results of your performance based on knowledgeable feedback, is a key to success.

The least responsible thing we can do as your coaches is leave you to your own devices, trying to find the path on your own. That is the quickest way to slow down and set back your progress and it defeats the whole reason for why you work with us in the first place.

Open Gym presents an interesting opportunity on the surface. Why not have some time where I can just go practice stuff, or get in a workout? Why should it cost me more? I don’t need a coach, there’s not a class going on, it’s just “free” time.

We’ve been around CrossFit for almost 5 years. We’ve been to and coached at different gyms. We have access to hundreds of other CrossFit Gym owners all over the world who provide us with insight and feedback from their experiences.

All of this has shown us a few things about the reality of the Open Gym concept.

  1. Leaving members to their own devices can be helpful at first but eventually, the lack of coaching and feedback leads to either a regression in performance or a lack of interest due to slow growth.
  2. The level of quality work that happens during Open Gym tends to be lower than that of class times where there is an organized structure, coaching, and classmates all doing the same thing
  3. In a gym where the core service is guiding members to success, the Open Gym idea creates a paradox in the philosophy of the program. For us, expert coaching and a supportive community is our product. Open access to equipment is not what we are about.
  4. Most members don’t use it. It’s an option that only a few will use and in many cases, it becomes a source of division within a gym’s community.

This is why we’ve adopted the Skill Zone model for how we provide additional training opportunities for you. We do not look at additional time spent training as something to be wasted.

Skill Zone is your time. Experiment with drills, techniques, and movements at your leisure. Use the time to make a workout that you missed during the week, or practice a cool drill you found in a video online.

You can enjoy this freedom while knowing that a coach is there to help when you need it. It’s not personal training, but they can help you figure out a drill, take a quick look at a movement, or help you come up with a workout.

We also hold short skill sessions with a coach who will review a specific movement and give you tips to get better.

Want to get better at Pull-ups, Muscle-Ups, Dips, Snatches, burpees, Jump Rope…. Skill Zone is a perfect time to work on improving specific skills. It’s also a good time to make up a workout if you missed something during the week.

Skill Zone is not the same as Open Gym. It’s Open Gym with as much focus and guidance as we can provide to keep you moving forward. We put time into how Skill Zone is run and what it can do for you if you use it.

Skill Zone is included in the Unlimited CrossFit membership. For all other packages, Skill Zone will be a $20 per month add-on ($5 per 2-hour session). For any non-member that wants access to Skill Zone, it’s a $20 drop-in per session.

Skill Zone hours are 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Sundays.

Take advantage of it when you can. The little extra time can make a very big difference.

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