What makes a good trainer?

August 14, 2017 by Bronson Dant

The important stuff

What makes a coach or personal trainer effective?

Is it how educated they are? What about the number of certifications they have or clinic they’ve attended?

Does it matter if your trainer has ever been a competitive athlete, or if could they walk onto a stage right now and compete in a bodybuilding event?

What makes for a good coach?

We have over 10 years of experience as fitness coaches and personal trainers. Here is what we’ve learned makes a great coach, personal trainer, or fitness program.


The 3 Values

These 3 values are what we base our methodology, business practices, and relationships with our members on.

Help First​ – We exist to help people improve their lives. If we don’t help people then we aren’t fulfilling our purpose. We value the relationships we have with the people who trust us to help them improve their lives.

Be Fair​ – The best way to create trust is to be consistent and fair. Everything we do is weighed against the balance of fairness. We won’t do for one, what we can’t or won’t do for another.  Everyone in every situation gets support, encouragement, and insight when needed.

Think Long-Term​ – Nothing happens overnight, there are no shortcuts, take baby steps…these are phrases that epitomize what we are about. Everything we do is focused on how it helps someone over the long-term. There are no magic pills.


The real deal

The truth is, yes, knowledge, experience, and education are needed in a good fitness coach. At the same time, if a coach can’t be fully trusted to have a client’s best interest at heart, or if there is no active interest in the coach doing whatever is necessary to help people, does their knowledge make a difference?

In order for a coach to apply the knowledge and experience they may have, there must first be a connection on a personal level that allows the client to relax and trust that they are being made the priority, that they are being treated fairly, and that the program they are being given is appropriate and effective over the long term, not just a quick fix.

This is the foundation on which we have built our programs. Whether you are interested in group exercise classes, personal training, or nutrition counseling services. You know that your needs and goals are our needs and goals.

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