Now is the right time.

Stop waiting until you,…

  • have more time
  • the kids go back to school
  • aren’t so busy at work
  • feel like you’re in better shape

This only gives you more time to be more out of shape, make it harder to get started, and more likely to get sick or hurt instead of getting healthy and strong.

But you know this already. I’m not telling you something you’ve never heard before.

Here’s the problem….

Have you heard the story about the two wolves?

Every time you put your health on the back burner, you reinforce the action of inaction. This makes inaction easier and more comfortable.

Everytime you say, I’ll call next week, then don’t, you feed the wolf that’s going to lead you to a life of sickness and an inability to enjoy the things you could if your fitness wasn’t holding you back.

I know life comes at you hard. The only way to deal with is to make time for your own well-being.

When you make the decision to do it, you’ll be amazed at how things work out.

Regret is the result of inaction.

We’ve all heard the phrase “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”, what is your limit? What will it take for you to realize that it won’t get better unless you do something?

WIll it take a heart attack, either your own, or someone close?

WIll it take your doctor telling you that you have Diabetes and need to do something or you’ll die?

How much longer will you turn down invitations to activities because you don’t have the energy or physical ability to participate and have fun?

There is a way to improve everything about your quality of life. It is possible to feel good about yourself and be comfortable putting yourself in new situations.

You just have to take action and stop feeding the wrong wolf.