When to Supplement

June 10, 2016 by Bronson Dant

In an ideal world we would never need to have this conversation. Our schedules, the foods available to us, and our ability to always get the right amounts of micro-nutrients would just be the normal way of things.

It’s not like that though. There are many factors that go into the nutrients we should get every day. In many cases we do not get enough of what we need. This is the biggest reason to take a look at supplementation.

The Supplement Hole


A word of caution. It is very easy to fall into the Supplement Hole. If you are not careful you’ll find yourself eating more powder and popping more capsules than Charlie Sheen. Supplements are by definition, meant to be used IN ADDITION to an appropriately healthy diet. Don’t drink five protein shakes a day just because you are too lazy to make yourself a real meal. That defeats the purpose and won’t do anything for you.

There are 4 main areas where supplementation can help you. Here are some suggestions if you are looking for help.

1. Filling in the Gaps.
– Protein
– Vitamin D
– Magnesium
– Greens Powder

2. Address physiological conditions (health, age, injury, etc,…)
– Omega 3 Fish Oil
– Testosterone Boosters
– Chondroitin and Glucosimine

3. Improve recovery
– BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids)
– Fish Oil
– Collagen

4. Increase performance
– Pre-Workout Energy Booster
– Nitric Oxide and ATP Enhancement (Provides energy to help with muscular power and endurance)

The average person, in most cases can get by with having a really good diet. If you have a good diet but also engage in a rigorous fitness routine like CrossFit, it could be beneficial to include some of these supplements to your regimen. You may see an increase in performance, less muscle soreness, and a boost in energy throughout the day.

Personally I have been taking PurePharma O3, D3, and M3 for awhile. I feel much better, sleep much better, and maintain my ability to perform much better since I started taking them. I just started using Natural Force Protein, Collagen, and Testosterone Booster a few weeks ago. I eat pretty well but I have trouble getting enough calories in sometimes. the Protein and Collagen help with that, as well as promoting faster recovery. The Testosterone Booster is something that I take being over 40 years old. It helps with muscle growth and energy in my workouts.

We carry some of these items and have discount programs available as well. If you are interested in finding out if any of these supplements can help you feel or perform better, talk to Coach Jamie. As our nutrition expert she can give you the best recommendation on what to try.

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