Wherever you are, it’s ok

December 19, 2014 by 321go

Have you ever heard someone say…

I’m embarrassed to go to a gym

I’m scared that I won’t fit in

I’m shy

I’m not sure I can do this

I’m too overweight to exercise

I’m out of shape and it’ll be too hard

I’m too fat

I’m too uncoordinated to work out

I’m weak, clumsy, slow, puny, unathletic, or too old, I can’t do that

I never know what to do

I don’t have the right clothes

Is it really worth it……?

Has that person ever been you? If you use any of these in reference to yourself when you think about going to the gym and trying to get in shape, I’d like to give you some alternatives.

Just going to one class to try it out is a step that requires courage and determination

Take pride in your effort, it’s more than most people will do

Join a support network

Share in other’s success and share your success with others

Action equals change

Gain the admiration of those close to you

Experience zero judgment (we’re here getting sweaty too)

Work with coaches who care about you and want you to grow

Be part of community that accepts you for who you are

Experience growth

Make removing obstacles a habit

We understand where you are, and it’s OK…….

We’ll be here when you’re ready

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