A while ago we started doing a program that was “proven” to get more people that needed our help to walk through our doors. The program included a lot of Facebook advertisement and promised people a “new version of you” in 6 weeks.

This 6-week challenge was amazing! We had a meal plan included and we’d get groups of people to come in and learn how to do CrossFit and workout with us 3 times a week for a month and a half. It was fun and new, and the people that did it had a great time. We developed a few very good relationships that have meant a lot to us since then.

We ran through this process several times. In those Challenges, we worked with many people who badly needed our help. When we realized some things that were happening, we stopped running the Challenges. We will never run another one.

You’ve probably seen these 6-week Challenges pop up a lot more over the last year and they aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact, they’ve changed a lot, and where the idea started as just a novel way to get people’s attention, they have become big business for marketing companies to entice group exercise gyms with promises of huge member growth and profit.

Some of these programs have even started advertising 🔥🔥FREE 6-Week Transformation Challenges🔥🔥 that promise you a no-cost lifestyle change. When you get there, you find out it’s $600 and you have to do any combination of unlikely accomplishments to get your money back…..OR you could just join for a whole year up front and the 6-week Challenge would be “Included”……

Don’t get me started……😠

Running these Challenges showed us what it takes for someone to be successful.

  • Successful people aren’t looking for a quick fix because there isn’t one.
  • Successful people don’t focus on what they need to do to “win” the challenge, they focus on what they need to do to “win” at life.
  • To be successful you have to want to be helped and be willing to invest in yourself to make it happen.
  • We can’t help anyone be successful if we have to call and email multiple times a month to get them to show up.

These are some of the things we started dealing with the more we ran these challenges. The more times we ran them the less and less “qualified” the people responding to them were and the more work we were doing to try and keep people engaged.

We realized that the foundational premise of the 6-week Challenge appeals to a mindset that is short-term, low commitment, low investment, and high in instant gratification. Many of the people that came through the doors wanted a quick-fix and when we started talking long-term health, consistent effort, professional coaching, and how to follow a program over time……they just checked out.

Then there were the people who were what we call “challenge jumpers.” This is seen a lot in our field, particularly with GROUPON. Many people just look for the least expensive option and jump around using as many of the deals up as they can.

Basically, running the Challenge wasn’t doing anyone any good.

It wasn’t helping our existing members. We were spending a lot of extra time with all these new people and it was taking away from the people we had that were dedicated and committed to getting better. Not to mention we were now mixing in people that were bringing the mental focus and attitude of the current members down.

It wasn’t helping the people coming into the Challenge. We were trying to give them a solution they weren’t looking for. We were selling a short-term fix by offering the program in the first place….even though that wasn’t what we meant to sell. It wasn’t fair to anyone to say we have a 6-Week program when we know that fitness and health is a life-long process.

Our failure at running 6-week Challenges was our own.

It didn’t fit who we are or what we wanted to do. We lost sight of the reason we started this business. We want to help people live longer, better lives.

We’ve since changed our process. In order to be a part of our program, you have to demonstrate commitment, and a willingness to invest in yourself. You start with a 3-month onboarding program that educates you in what long-term health is all about. You get Personal Training, Nutrition guidance, Group Exercise programs, and you get to work with a coach one-on-one to make sure you see progress.

There are some gyms where the 6-week Challenge model fits. They have hundreds of members, tons of classes, big classes (like 30+ in every class) and lots of new people all the time. We are not one of them.

If you want a team of professionals who are dedicated to helping you develop long-term health Click Here No Gimmick No Bait-n-Switch just real, honest, results.