Why you aren’t getting better…

November 16, 2016 by Bronson Dant

Feeling stuck? Fix your movement. Too often we get hung up on the numbers and forget that if the movement isn’t right the numbers don’t matter.

You can have a deadlift of 300 pounds and if you don’t make sure your technique is right that may be the most you ever lift. Weight lifting assumes that you are working your muscled in the movement patterns they were designed to move in. If your technique is off then you aren’t working your muscles properly. 1. You won’t get stronger because you aren’t working your muscles effectively. 2. You won’t lift more because strength in the movement isn’t being developed either.
Technique ALWAYS comes first. It is the key that unlocks all your potential. Get yourself unstuck. Ask a coach for help, get your butt to Skill Zone, or spend extra time in the WOD focused on technique.



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