After the birth of my first daughter, I studied up on how to be a capable parent. I combined what I read with observations I’d made throughout my life. Among the handful of values I assimilated, some of the more relevant include:

  • emphasize the efforts that lead to achievement (rather than the end product)
  • confidence comes from solving and overcoming obstacles (not from holding up an ego)
  • if they can do something, they should
  • help them build their strengths, and their sense of worth will follow

Likewise, to my children I have taught:

  • a stressed mind cannot make effective decisions. breath first . . . then decide how to proceed
  • always trust your gut
  • don’t expose yourself to anything that drains your energy (including “fashion” magazines)
  • beauty is a natural outpouring of strength. aim for strength, and everything else will take care of itself

Now as a fitness coach, I want to help others discover these same truths for themselves.

Whether you are:

  • a grade school child who feels out of step in a gym class
  • a teenager who needs to be shepherded across the rocky terrains of adolescence
  • a woman who isn’t ready to give up hope
  • a man who has never found his place at the gym’s benchpress
  • a senior citizen who refuses to lie down for age

. . . exercise builds you up and allows you to take advantage of all life has to offer. A community of riends who relate to you and support is priceless. Coaches who care about your success make all the difference in the world.

Come build your strength, then confidence, and then more strength at the happy gym.