As I’m looking at the computer screen, thinking about what to write this morning, I feel like I talk about the same things all the time.

  • Muscle burns fat
  • In order to see a change you have to make change happen
  • Keep working and good things will happen
  • Get help, you can’t do it alone
  • Fitness starts in the kitchen
  • No plan works for everyone, find what works for you
  • Ladies, you won’t get bulky
  • Without knowing why you do something, you’ll never get through the tough parts
  • ….and so on

Don’t get me wrong these are all super important messages and sometimes they need to be said in several different ways in order for different people to hear them.

I realize there is one thing that I haven’t talked a lot about. It’s something that I see every single day.

Anyone can do this fitness thing. There is nothing stopping you from getting better but your own fear and insecurity.

I don’t care what you’ve tried in the past. I don’t care what level of fitness you’re at right now. I’m going to state a fact for you.

You can improve your fitness and get to better health! You can find a way to more freedom, less pain, and more happiness every day!

Here’s how I know you can do it.

I see it every day. In my gym I see 60-year-old grandmothers working out. I see 40 something fathers and mothers who haven’t broken a sweat in 20 years, come in and work hard at the level they can. I see people with long-term injuries work within their limitations, improve their overall fitness, and in some cases resolve the injury issue altogether.

It’s simple when you follow a plan. Fitness can be intimidating. Muscle groups, cardio, strength, flexibility, how to perform exercises, nutrition, active rest, burn fat, more protein, and on, and on…. How in the world do you know where to begin?? When you work within a program that has it all laid out for you, things get simple real quick. When you have smart people coaching you through the process, it gets a lot less scary.

You have all the support you’ll need. Just ask any of our members if they’ve ever felt left out in the cold or wondered who was going to help them get better? That’s not how it works! You can improve your fitness because the support and encouragement you get from everyone else will help keep you going. You NEVER have to struggle through a difficult time alone. Each of us has had our own challenges and leaned on each other to grow and become a better person for ourselves, our families and the community. Your fitness family will help get you through.

You are going to have fun. Learning new things is challenging. If you can have fun while you learn, you actually retain more of the information and speed up your progress. We all know that hard work is more fun when you do it with other people. It’s especially more enjoyable when you and everyone else has a positive, supporting attitude, and work together to make everyone better. Being in a happy place makes you happy. Who wouldn’t want that?

It doesn’t matter if you are scared to walk into a gym, unsure of what to do, or intimidated by the thought of exercise. You can do it if you want to.

I don’t normally write specifically about what we do at Ellicott City Health and Fitness. I like to keep things general and give people things to think about. This time I want to make it clear that everything I just wrote is directly pulled from what we do at ECHF.

We came up with the nickname of The Happy Gym because that is exactly what we want to be. We want you to be happy when you walk in the door, happy while you’re here, and happy when you go home. Most important we want to help you increase your “happy” when you’re at home or doing the things you love outside of the gym.

If you need more “happy” and more people in your life telling you that you can do this, you know where to go.